Transition to the next step in education

By choosing Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten education, parents can give their children an unpressured childhood experience. As a Kindergarten, one of our important roles is equipping our children for the next steps in education.

Depending on the age they leave Kindergarten, our children join the Reception Year 1 and Year 2 classes in mainstream schools or Class 1 in Steiner schools. Some of our parents choose leading independent schools located in the north London area or home schooling. We work closely with parents and receiving schools to ensure a smooth transition between settings.

How do children adjust when they transfer to another school or setting?

A good number of our children move into mainstream schools on leaving our setting. Our experience is that they cope very well with the transition. Their new teachers tend to report high levels of confidence and enthusiasm for learning, which balance out the fact that they have had less exposure to formal learning, and they usually acquire the academic skills quickly.

The well-developed social skills fostered in Kindergarten are also a great asset in moving to a new setting. They are good communicators and have excellent physical abilities and practical skills. The Kindergarten experience encourages enthusiastic, creative, questioning, imaginative children who can give purpose and direction to their lifelong learning.

North London Rudolf Steiner School