Parents as Partners

Parents are acknowledged as the child’s prime carers and first educators. Our teachers take into account parents’ observations when observing, assessing and planning for individual children.

Involved parents can make a positive and lasting impact on their children’s learning ability. The teachers provide parents meetings and workshops in order to deepen the parents’ understanding of the education their children receive, and individual parent consultations are held on a regular basis. Parents are kept informed of any issues and a way is found to support the child through these together. Written reports on the child’s progress are provided at the end of each school year.

Together with the teacher parents form a secure support for the child.

School community

The school community is an essential part of the life of our school and parents can be involved in many ways such as helping with fundraising events or sharing particular skills.

The Kindergarten has three parent class reps who welcome new parents and help them to settle into the school community.

Our school has a diverse range of families from many different cultures. Parents are invited to participate in festivals and special occasions throughout the year.

Parents as Partner