School Policies & Procedures

Kindergarten (Early Years)

We offer a seasonally based, integrated curriculum with a rich variety of activities each of which enables learning across many areas of the curriculum. This allows children to learn in a holistic & meaningful way.

North London Rudolf Steiner School

Kindergarten (5-6 years)

We recognise that the older children need a more challenging experience, including raised expectations from the adults in the setting and a programme of work appropriate to their age, (Key Stage 1 in other school settings).

North London Rudolf Steiner School

The Kindergarten Experience

Children in a Steiner Waldorf kindergarten experience a unique educational approach that emphasizes holistic development, imaginative play, and a nurturing environment. Here’s how children typically experience our kindergarten.

North London Rudolf Steiner School

Kindergarten Outdoor Time

Children in our school thrive on daily outdoor experiences in all weathers. The garden area encompasses a purpose-built outdoor shelter which can be used for woodwork and other tasks.

North London Rudolf Steiner School

Afternoon Provision

The Kindergarten children enjoy a warm lunch, before spending the afternoon engaged in creative play and varied activities.

North London Rudolf Steiner School

Learning Support

Careful observation and assessment in partnership with parents, the setting’s qualified SENDCOs, and the local authority’s SEND team enable us to draw up individual support plans, monitor progress and make referrals to external agencies as appropriate.

North London Rudolf Steiner School

Transition to the
next step in education

By choosing Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten education, parents can give their children an unpressured childhood experience. As a Kindergarten, one of our important roles is equipping our children for the next steps in education.