Kindergarten (Early Years)

Our kindergarten provides a warm physical and emotional space in which children can become absorbed in free imaginative play and natural unhurried learning. The Kindergarten comprises mixed ages (3-6) to create a family-like structure.

By choosing Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten education, parents can give their children an unpressured childhood experience. The education and care is holistic, play based, and embeds the foundations of literacy, mathematics and science, and enable the children to fulfill their potential and a love of learning.

The practitioners lead a range of age-appropriate activities without formal instruction so that the children can learn at their own pace in an enabling environment that offers effective and broad foundations for later formal learning.

The Steiner Waldorf early childhood experience encourages enthusiastic, creative, questioning, imaginative children who can give purpose and direction to their lifelong learning.

School Policies & Procedures