Kindergarten (5-6 years)

Children enter our kindergarten between the ages of three and six. The last year in Kindergarten is differentiated from the provision for the younger children.

The older children in Kindergarten have more developed self-awareness, memory and recall; They can sustain their attention over time and are developing the ability to plan, make connections and evaluate. In recognition of this, our educational approach changes to include more abstract concepts, more discussion and instruction, and targeted activities planned to incorporate meaningful use of text and numbers. Children develop stamina, confidence and a wider understanding of the world around them through regular outings. Projects sustained over time along with special ring times, stories and responsibilities give the older children opportunities to develop the skills they will need for their next step in education.

The oldest Kindergarten children have special projects and opportunities for extended learning, as well as privileges, responsibilities, and expectations of behaviour, all of which prepare them more formal schooling at age 6+.

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