Curriculum (Early Years)

We offer a seasonally based, integrated curriculum with a rich variety of activities, each of which enables learning across many areas of the curriculum. This allows children to learn in a holistic and meaningful way.

We lay the foundations for literacy, mathematics, scientific thinking and creativity through opportunities which arise naturally in child-led play: social interaction, exploration of the world around us and teacher-led activities. Learning gains meaning for children by its relevance to life. Children develop lifelong learning habits which enables them to become enthusiastic, imaginative and resilient learners.

The Statutory Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS Birth to 5 years) applies to all settings including ours.  It sets out both learning and development requirements and safeguarding and welfare requirements for children from birth to 31 August following their fifth birthday. Because there are early learning goals which conflict with the Steiner Waldorf early childhood principles and practice, the Department for Education granted us some ‘Exemptions and Modifications’ to the EYFS Learning and Development requirements and Assessment regulations under the ‘Established Principles’ route for Steiner Waldorf settings.

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North London Rudolf Steiner School