Curriculum (5-6 years)

We recognise that the older children need a more challenging experience, including raised expectations from the adults in the setting and a programme of work appropriate to their age, (Key Stage 1 in other school settings).

In a Steiner school ‘formal education’ begins in Class 1.  While there will be some activities and projects especially focused on these pre-school children, it is the different expectations of the staff relating to how the older children collaborate and contribute in a more structured and reliable way to the kindergarten community which is vital.

We have collated all of this into curriculum documents for those children of statutory school age which shows progression from the Early Years curriculum, differentiation and adaptation, what we expect of the older children, and what and how they will learn through the curriculum provided. The documents describing the curriculum for this age are kept in the kindergarten.

Parents will be kept informed of their child’s developmental progress throughout their time in kindergarten and will be asked to contribute to the observations and information about their child.

Curriculum (5-6)